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Staffing Solutions

Through a combination of nearly 50 years of staffing experience, constant research and development of innovative technology and strategic partnerships, Remedy Intelligent Staffing is committed to delivering value-added staffing solutions to their clients and to drive measurable results in recruitment and workforce management.

Remedy's unique recruiting, testing and delivery process uses MegaBlast®, X-Ray®, Remedy Knowledge Bank™, and CRM®, to FIND, QUALIFY, MATCH and PLACE trained and experienced office and customer contact personnel, industrial and logistic workers, and direct hire placements for your company.

Our Recruiting Advantage

We find the highest-quality workers, thank to our cutting-edge recruiting strategies.

Staying up-to-date on recruitment practices is a must for attracting new talent. That's why we are thrilled to lead the industry in robust recruiting techniques that recognize the changing ways that candidates are searching for opportunities.

Now through our free mobile app, text-enabled job alerts, search engine-optimized career site, and our mobile-optimized websites, we can match the right candidates with the right positions…even while on the go.

We have gone further than any other staffing firm to reach today's candidates the way THEY search:

With Mobile Apps
Available to job seekers with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices, our free mobile app makes job searching a breeze for job seekers and provides us with a larger range of candidates for your position so we can just the right person.

Using Push Recruiting
By signing up for our Job Alert subscription, job seekers find out about positions that meet their search criteria right away via text messages or emails.

Via Search Engines
Our new Career Site optimizes our requisitions so they appear on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results. Now your job position gets the visibility it calls for.

On Mobile Devices
Life is becoming increasingly more mobile, so why shouldn't recruiting be the same? Complete with easy navigation and quick load times, we can reach job seekers on their mobile devices, no matter where they are.


Rapid Recruiting

Rapid Response

Rapid Results

Unexpected staffing needs are always a challenge. Fortunately, we know how to maximize business agility. With MegaBlast, our automated broadcast system, our recruiters are able to reach hundreds of qualified temporary associates within minutes through – text messaging, instant messaging, email, phone, or fax. 

Whatever the device of choice, we can broadcast new job descriptions, shift changes, or make policy change announcements in a single transaction.

Remedy X-Ray™

Remedy’s innovative technology creates a more productive workforce and a safer environment.

By screening out undesirable, high-risk candidates, Remedy X-Ray helps build a more positive work environment where workers are more focused and productive. As a result, Remedy top performers are more likely to have higher job satisfaction and lower turnover.

Remedy X-Ray identifies applicants who are predisposed to costly and dangerous behavior such as theft, violence or drug use—so we can quickly eliminate them from consideration and our clients can hire with confidence when they need full-time employees.

From a sample of more than 500,000 candidates who participated in integrity screenings, a substantial percentage acknowledged problems:

5.6% admitted to workers’ comp fraud
10.4% admitted to illegal drug use
5.9% admitted to theft
2.8% admitted to violence

Remedy Knowledge Bank™

When you need someone with a specific industry or position skill set, Remedy provides more than just a list of skills on a resume. We’ll show you precisely how well a candidate knows each of the specific skills you need so you’ll benefit from immediate productivity…day one.

Instant Productivity
Remedy Knowledge Bank offers the finest assessments in the industry. You will have the confidence that when we send a Remedy temporary associate, or a direct-hire candidate, you will immediately have the knowledge and productivity you need.

Better People
The convenience of our Remedy Knowledge Bank assessment system attracts a larger number of talented candidates because, with a web-based system, working candidates can complete their testing at home, at night and over the weekend.

Greater Flexibility
In addition to finding better people, Remedy Knowledge Bank enables you to more effectively utilize temporary associates. With their specific skills precisely assessed, you can use temporary associates in confidence for tasks you might not have considered before.


Remedy Intelligent Staffing’s proprietary software technology is the final piece in the RecruiTrac process. CRM® maintains up-to-date information about each candidate allowing Remedy recruiters to quickly fill your staffing orders. It also captures and stores pertinent details of your job order such as: Duration of the assignment, Required skill sets, and Bill rate.

Once the assignment begins, CRM® processes the billing and employee payroll transactions to ensure correct and timely invoicing.

Helping You Manage Your Most Important Resource

Tymetrics® Employee Data Gathering and Evaluation – goes far beyond the conventional time and attendance packages. It delivers instant access to essential workforce information, to help you:

Manage your temporary workforce

Control labor expenses

Operate more productively

Product Features
Eliminates the tedious work of collecting timecards and tracking of hours and costs – workers clock directly into Tymetrics®. Provides instant, real-time view of workforce data such as hours, cost and attendance. Increases security through individual, unique Tymetrics® magnetic swipe cards issued to all workers. Tracks and manages third-party vendors and their workers through consolidated workforce reports.

Remedy Manager Match

What would a 40% increase in productivity be worth to you?

According to McKinsey & Company’s “War for Talent” study, a high performer is 40% more productive than an average performer in an operations role. But how do you maximize your team’s performance to help drive productivity?

The manager-employee relationship is the secret

A study by The Gallup Organization found that the manager-employee relationship is the key to productivity, profitability and employee retention. But what information do you need to make your relationships succeed? Beginning where most selection processes end, Remedy Manager Match uses manager and employee personality assessments to provide managers with the information and insight they need to create more compatible, high-performance relationships.

Get high-performance insight with Remedy Manager Match

Remedy Manager Match was conceived by Remedy and developed through an exclusive alliance with RembrandtAdvantage®, a leader in validated personality assessment tools. Manager Match measures critical personality traits and provides insights and information to help build a high-performance relationship between manager and employee:

Problem-Solving – ability to learn and solve problems, need for information/direction
Approach to Work – ability to self-start, openness to change
Personal Work Style – dependability, ability to organize and handle detail
Interpersonal Approach
– need for recognition, resilience, communication compatibility

Remove barriers to success
Using the insight gained from the manager and employee personality assessments, Manager Match delivers a comprehensive Remedy Manager Match Report to provide you with the guidelines you need to effectively manage a specific candidate. By gaining information about each employee’s unique characteristics and work style, it becomes easier to remove barriers to success and achieve exceptional performance.

About your Manager Match consultation

Each manager will benefit from a telephone consultation with a RembrandtAdvantage® industrial psychologist/counselor. This consultation provides insight into the manager’s specific style of supervision, and makes recommendations on how to adapt that style to effectively manage employees with different personality traits. This call is consultative and consists of an open dialogue driven by the manager’s specific concerns and interests. This valuable consultation helps create the foundation for developing more productive manager-employee relationships.

Ask your Remedy representative for complete information on how our breakthrough Remedy manager Match performance management tool can impact your organization.

Remedy® Comdata PayCard

A secure and convenient way to pay Remedy temporary Associates.

What does this value-added service mean to you?

Increased productivity - Associates will no longer have to leave their work station to pick up their paycheck.

Decreased turnover - By increasing Associate loyalty and retention. All Associates on this program will be paid correctly and on time. Any emergencies/discrepancies can be immediately addressed.

Minimizes client involvement - Remedy prides itself on delivering value-added service to our clients and the Remedy Instant PayCard ensures that any payday discrepancies avoid client involvement.

This program is marketed to our Associates through paycheck stuffers, table tentcards and posters in high visibility areas in the branch office and on-site locations.